Rudi Treiber is a "text musician", painter, writer and olive grower. He is an illustrious veteran of the Austrian music scene. Fifteen sound recordings show that Rudi Treiber is not a musician for the masses, but he is able to write not only unadapted songs but also sophisticated catchy tunes. His ironic lyrics are mercilessly direct and the critical content is disturbing and cheeky. He is a cheeky provocateur and relentless cynic, a traveler between rebellion and frustration, a dreamer and illusionist. The contents of his texts are from life, the tristesse, the frustration and madness, the flight and crash. A treat for those who do not want to go with the flow. But there is room for sentimentality without being embarrassing. After over 2000 live concerts
 is his musical realization that it is important for him artistically and musically to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Musicians (drums, 2 guitars, bass, keyboard
I like to play in clubs, at festivals, open airs or in cultural centers as a support for big acts or at charity events.
No political party events !!!

For smaller events    TREIBER  LIGHT ("2 guitars, 3 voices)

Contact: +4369910710660